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We are looking for new Trustees.

This is an exciting time for OnePlusOne and the relationship sector generally. There is a strong government focus on reducing parental conflict, schools will be teaching relationships from this year and the public are increasingly aware that healthy relationships are part of looking after mental health.  

OnePlusOne’s resources and input into the public discourse are always supported by rigorous research, earning us a solid standing with policy makers and professionals.

We are looking for Trustees to join our Board. We have the most fantastic, engaged and skilled group of Trustees. They roll up their sleeves when they need to, and we value their counsel. They are a diverse and interesting mix of people to work with: they include senior leaders from the public and private sector. Our Trustees play a key role in setting and overseeing our strategic direction. They help us achieve OnePlusOne’s objectives and perform effectively.

We are looking for people with an interest in our field of work, in the digital future and in the research base.

For the next phase of the organisation, we have identified additional skills, experiences and roles that will help us achieve our aims for 2020 and beyond. These are:

In particular we are looking for Trustees with the following skills:

·       Commercial / Entrepreneurial  
·       Digital strategy  
·       Finance    
·       Communications  
·       Education    

If you think this is something you want to be involved with and you want to be part of our success, please get in touch!

Chantal Savignon will provide you with more information if you contact her on

Thank you

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