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OnePlusOne and Best Beginnings innovation partnership

‘You and Your Partner’ is anew digital feature on the Baby Buddy App. that has been created by relationship experts, OnePlusOne and the Baby Buddy creators, Best Beginnings. 

You and Your Partner is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your partner for yours and your baby’s sake. 

A stronger relationship means you will be better equipped to weather the storms that happen in all relationships- particularly at times when you feel tired and stressed. 

Having a baby is wonderful. We also know that facing parenthood or becoming a parent brings with it, new physical and emotional responsibilities. If you feel stressed, tired and anxious, which is common, you are likely to react differently than you would at times when you feel calmer. Moments of tension can explode if we don’t know what steps to take to diffuse them.

You and Your Partner takes you through a series of video clips followed by snippets of advice, with the purpose of showing you just what you can do to help resolve tensions more easily. A calmer home is good for your baby, whether you are pregnant or a new parent. Before and after birth, babies are sensitive to our emotions and they can feel tension. Learning about how to avoid the upsets of a fiery conflict more often, will also help your baby.

During the programme you will be asked to think about what happens in your own arguments, how you react or how your partner reacts and what you might do differently. In order to change the way we respond, we need to really think about how we normally respond and why. 

At some point in the programme, you will be asked to think of an argument as fire.

“There are the logs which are the issues that cause the argument – common ones include money, spending time with friends, and anything to do with the children.
The match that lights the fire can be anything that sparks an argument – often caused by stress, or not feeling supported.

Things can get worse if someone adds fuel to the fire – the way you respond or react, such as walking out or bottling things up. [fuel can be added by someone else too], like a friend of family member, who interferes or gives their opinion.”

During the programme you are directed to the goal setting feature, You Can Do It!  You are asked to consider setting certain goals, including ones that focus on doing things for yourself – looking after you. If you feel a little more rested and supported, your partnership and your baby will benefit. 

By the end of the programme, you should feel more confident about managing arguments and finding solutions. 

There is a survey before the programme that needs to be completed in order to unlock all the first video.Then each section must be viewed in order to unlock the next. The purpose of this is to take you on a particular journey to maximise the success of your learning. The programme is best completed over a longer period of time, such asa month. You can then volunteer to complete a post survey so that BestBeginnings, creators of Baby Buddy, and our partner organisation, OnePlusOne, can measure just how much you feel you have benefited from the programme.

If you are already using BabyBuddy, remember to update your app in order to have access to the exciting newYou and Your Partner feature in the main menu!

OnePlusOne and Best Beginnings

October 2019












Annual review – waiting for accounts info from Jonathan andwill then work out if (a) I can add it to indesign or whether it all needs togo to Alexander.  All the wording bits aredone.


Alcohol project – websites – information plan to go toDean.  This is nearly done.


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Best Beginnings project launch – tomorrow!?  I have been writing to them since August andonly just heard back so not sure how organised this will be.


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Rail boost: 5,000 more seats      a day between Gloucester & London wef December


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Rail boost:      5,000 more seats a day between Gloucester & London 


We have the second longest platform in the      country at Gloucester Railway Station but not enough trains have stopped      here for the growth in passenger demand. Things have now just got a lot      better, after years of work with Transport Ministers and Great Western      Railways (GWR). 
     The announcement last week of 5,000 more seats a day between Gloucester      and London Paddington, with a new direct service every hour and an      indirect service every half hour in between from December 15th 2019,      is a huge step forward: a 55% increase in the number of seats available.      And because of our earlier electrification of (part of) the line, these      trains will take 10 minutes less travelling time. 


With GWR      staff at Gloucester looking at the new timetable

The details of the new changes and timetables      can be seen by keying search eg Dec 16th on the GWR      website - .      There’ll now be over 14,000 seats a day between Gloucester and London      Paddington (7,000 seats in each direction) compared to just over 9,000      seats a day in May 2018: an increase of 5,000 (2,500 in each direction)      or 55%. 
     But I’ve also said for a long time that there are increased numbers of      travellers from Gloucester to Bristol and the current service is      inadequate: we need both more trains and carriages and better rolling      stock. I’ve been working on this with the Metro Mayor of the West of      England, GWR and the Department for Transport. This was delayed while      Network Rail were working on improvements at Filton Bank, outside the      Bristol stations, but I hope to have more news on progress before too      long.
     Extra capacity (seats) invariably means more demand for car parking, and      that has been provided for by the new Great Western Road car park that we      opened last year, with a new entrance directly onto Platform 4. There are      new cycling racks as well, and an electric charging point.
     Meanwhile as many will know we won government funding to improve the      underpass, the station forecourt and an extra entrance / exit to the      front car park onto Metz Way. After a frustrating delay the design work      on this has now been awarded. I hope to have more details of when work      starts on all elements soon so that we can have a Railway Station as good      as the Bus Station (Transport Hub) across the road.
     At the same time the City Council, which owns Wessex House (the former      Edmundson Electrical empty building at the far end of the underpass on GW      Road), intends to renovate this building and use it for the most vulnerable.      Gradually Great Western Road is being improved, and my aim remains that      especially those working in our Hospital can use a better underpass with      less fear. Having an occupied site beside the underpass can only help.



Thanks Jolyon - yes these extra Lon services are v good news forStroud constituency too.


Am sure Siobahn would appreciate someone writing to the localpapers reminding everyone that the electrification of the line that makes theservices 10 mins quicker and the doubling of services are both Conservativegovernment achievements: as will the resolution of the A417 Air Balloonroundabout which will benefit travellers especially in the east of Stroudconstituency - saving lives, reducing air pollution and improving journey timesfor families.


Am also pushing for (and likely to get) a new every 30 minsservice Gloucester- Bristol which wd certainly stop at Cam and Dursley, withthe support of the West of England Metro Mayor: and I recommend that StroudConservatives campaign on this, before D Drew hears of it and tries to getcredit.


Siobhan - let’s try and do a photo on this with Tim, GWR &perhaps a Transport Minister in Lon asap!




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