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A note from OnePlusOne

Having constructive, supportive relationships has never been as important as it is right now. As a charity focused on relationships, OnePlusOne understands that the coronavirus pandemic is having drastic effects on the way people are living their lives.

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Parenting in lockdown

With news that the lockdown is to be extended for another three weeks, many people are continuing to adjust to a new way of life. Many parents are asking the question, ‘How will we cope?’

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Listen to our new podcast

Knowing how to argue in ways that minimise the negative impact on their children is crucial for parents who are separating.  That’s why we are backing a new podcast by law firm Withersworldwide to promote the importance of developing the skills to argue better.

Coping with grief in lockdown

In the fourth of its series of articles relating to the impact of Covid-19 on our lives, we take a closer look at grief to help people adjust to new ways of coping with loss during lockdown.

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Why we exist

The effects of relationship breakdown are vast, impacting:

Children’s mental and physical health

Adult mental and physical health

Employment / employability


Personal finances

Demands on public services e.g. health, social care, legal

Wider economy. Costs to the state of approximately £51 billion


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