The team
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Verity Glasgow


Verity is committed to the digital transformation of relationship support services, together with securing new contracts that enhance OnePlusOne’s core mission.

Penny Mansfield


Penny is a specialist in qualitative research on relationships and early intervention. Recently focusing on relational capability and its contribution to health and wellbeing, across a range of services.

Chantal Savignon

Operations and support manager

Chantal’s role ensures the smooth running of the charity, supporting the two Directors, the experienced Board of Trustees. She also manages the Human Resources systems.

Jimi Odell

Content manager

Jimi creates and oversees the editorial content for OnePlusOne’s range of relationship resources and interventions, having joined the charity in 2014.

Dean Wilson

Senior UX and technical manager

Dean is responsible for designing and evolving the overall experience for OnePlusOne users across all our digital resources, and the technical lead for website and app development.

Jonathan Devereux

Head of finance

Jonathan oversees all financial matter and has steered OnePlusOne through many successful changes over the years, being an integral part of it adapting to be an agile, modern charity.

Jolanta Kaczmarek

Senior project manager

Jolanta has a successful track record of building significant partnerships for OnePlusOne. She manages contracts with government, local government, charities and companies.  

Dr Shannon Hirst

Research lead

Shannon has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology. She joined OnePlusOne in 2019 to lead the charity’s research and build on her extensive academic focus on relationships.

Michelle Hayes


Michelle has an MA in Relationship Therapy, a diploma in counselling Children and Young People, and a PGCE. She brings counselling, education, and life experience to her delivery of OnePlusOne programmes.

Claire Cooper


Claire has a background in Educational Psychology. She gained a postgraduate certificate at King’s College London in systemic practice and has been working as a senior practitioner in Early Help Family Support Service.



Natasha is a Relationship Counsellor and Psychosexual Therapist. She received systemic training from the Institute of Family Therapy and training from Tavistock Relationships in Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT) for Parenting Under Pressure.

charmari downing


Charmari has had extensive experience working with families and parents in various community and international contexts. She previously worked at OnePlusOne in the Training and Practice Development Team, and currently training to be a counsellor.

Jan Mitcheson

Practice and innovation

Jan is an Associate Professor and University Programme Director in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing. She is an author and a training programme developer and has lead various government initiatives and innovation programmes.

Dr Catherine Houlston

Research associate

Catherine’s early research focused on peer support anti-bullying initiatives in schools and she has significant experience in child and family wellbeing. Her research and evaluations have influenced the charity’s programmes over many years.

Ruth Kennedy

Chair of trustees, founder director of ThePublicOffice

Ruth's former employment includes the No10 Policy Unit, Department for Education, Guardian News & Media and she now leads ThePublicOffice team. Ruth is passionate about public service transformation that prioritises the citizen experience and leads to improved outcomes

Katharine Landells

Vice chair of trustees, partner at Withersworldwide

Katharine joined OnePlusOne as a trustee in 2015.  She is a family lawyer at Withers LLP, an international private client law firm. She deals with cases across the whole spectrum of family work including divorce, financial claims, cohabitation and children matters.

Elizabeth Mills

Treasurer trustee

Liz has been the Treasurer Trustee since November 2004 and is currently acting as the Chair of our Finance Sub Committee. She studied Applied Biochemistry at Brunel University and is a Chartered Accountant. Liz is currently a Global SME for General Accounting and Treasury at Eli Lilly & Company.

Emma Ries

Family lawyer and business owner – Ries Solicitors and Mediators

Emma Ries, has been a Trustee at OnePlusOne since May 2009. Emma is an experienced specialist family lawyer, collaborative lawyer and mediator and has been working in this field since 1998.

Gavin Shaw

Partner at KPMG LLP

Gavin joined OnePlusOne as a trustee in 2020.  He is a partner at KPMG LLP in their Private Client tax team, and is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered tax advisor.  Gavin supports individuals and families to understand their tax obligations and plan for the future.

Jonathan Slater

Innovation and crowdsourcing consultant

Jonathan joined OnePlusOne as a trustee in 2020. He is an expert in crowdsourcing and management of global communities engaging users on different topics from innovation to mental health. He has designed or managed over 400 innovation programmes around the world.

Josephine Richardson

Exec Director of JPMorgan Chase & Co

Josephine has been a trustee and member of the finance committee since January 2016. She is a finance professional, working at an international investment bank. She is now Executive Director running the global credit valuation control group.

Nell Boase

Director at Product Studio Ltd

Nell joined as a trustee in 2020. She is an expert in digital content and product leadership. She has worked for companies that range from tiny start-ups to the Guardian UK and US, where she was Managing Editor, Mumsnet and the BBC.

Sarah Healey

Permanent Secretary at DCMS

Sarah Healey has been Permanent Secretary of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) since April 2019.Prior to this, she worked in the Cabinet Office where she was the Director General overseeing the development and implementation of economic and domestic policy.

Simon EcKStein

Manager at Deloitte Digital

Simon joined OnePlusOne as a trustee in 2020. He specialises in leading the design and development of digital services that deliver social change.