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Relational leaders training

Our Relational leaders training is an engaging and comprehensive course, tailored for corporate teams, senior leaders, managers, and team leaders.
This course not only cultivates leaders who are tuned in, capable of bringing out the best in others, and adept at delivering on shared goals but also focuses on promoting creativity, trust, influence, and building relationships.

By emphasising these additional qualities, the course aims to enhance a sense of inclusion and belonging, developing a workplace culture that thrives on collaboration and leads to collective success.

What is Relational leaders training?

This evidence-based training course covers the theory and practice of building effective relationships as leaders within business, with trust and psychological safety in mind. We focus on creating workplace environments where effective relationships lead to enhanced creativity and collaboration. These safe spaces result in better performance outcomes.

This course equips participants with these skills by focusing on three core areas and capabilities for relationally effective leaders:

Emotional capability

Emotional capability is all about identifying and managing feelings – both your own and those of the people you are working with. Guided by their understanding, an emotionally competent leader can work with those emotions to get the best out of a team whilst meeting the needs of the individuals within it.

Reflective capability

Reflective capability combines the essential capacities of self-awareness, cognitive curiosity and flexibility and adaptability. The reflective leader is curious and insightful about what makes them, and others tick, understands how they impact others and how they are perceived. Flexible and adaptable, they use those insights to remain responsive to the needs of those they work with whilst saying focused on what they need to achieve.

Collaborative communication

Active listening, the ability to read verbal and non-verbal clues, the ability to ensure someone is both heard and feels heard and ensuring that every word matters. These are essential communication skills that bind together the three capabilities and make for successful relational leaders.

Why is this training valuable?

Relational leaders helps to create a productive and supportive workplace with a culture of trust and psychological safety, effective relationships become the catalyst for better performance and increased success. Leaders of all levels need to be strong communicators and listeners to build an environment of trust, honesty, and openness with their team members.  These skills are all covered in this course.

Who is this training for? 

By taking part in this course, leaders gain a valuable avenue for personal and professional development, helping them:

  • Strengthen their emotional competence, impacting engagement, trust and collaboration.
  • Establish and nurture core strategic partnerships, improving client, colleague and stakeholder relationships.  
  • Transition from transactional to partnering relationships through applied learning.  
  • Enhance self-awareness for strengthened leadership and teamwork capabilities.  
  • Foster a collaborative and psychologically safe workforce for improved staff retention.  
  • Enhance resilience in managing strong emotions within a workplace context. 
  • Develop adaptability and flexibility to navigate complex situations and challenging dynamics.

How is this training delivered?

Our hybrid learning model combines face-to-face training with virtual coaching sessions. Accommodating 10-15 participants, the course provides a personalised and engaging learning environment, tailored to suit team or away days. The interactive handbook enhances reflection and understanding.

Upskill your relationship and communication capabilities with an invaluable, interactive, and engaging training course.

Why should I choose OnePlusOne training?

Our training provides a top-tier experience delivered by experts with a deep understanding of both corporate environments and relationship dynamics, ensuring a comprehensive approach to both industry and interpersonal skills. As a leading training provider, we offer a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to tailor training to their needs.

We proudly stand as the UK's only relationship research and innovation charity, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in building strong connections and relationships.

Invest in success by joining our Relational leaders training and master essential leadership skills that will positively impact the whole workforce.