How we work

Contact – Families with disabled children

A partner project with Contact

Working with experts in supporting families with disabled children, Contact, we collaborated to provide relationship support for the whole family.

No Fault Divorce – Finding Fault

A partner project with The Nuffield Foundation

This is the first empirical study since the 1980s into how divorce law in England and Wales is operating. Following the completion of the report, the government launched a consultation into reforming divorce law.

Local family offer: tackling parental conflict

A DWP project, partnered with Innovation Unit

Evidence shows that when children are exposed to conflict between their parents, it affects their emotional, social and physical wellbeing. The local family offer is designed to tackle this conflict.

Depression & low mood: a guide for partners

A partner project with the NHS

When a person is experiencing depression and low mood, partners and family members are often forgotten about. Yet they are in the most powerful position to help.

Debt and relationships

A DWP project

People don't really like talking about money, but money and debts in particular can cause a lot of distress to couple relationships. We wanted to take the taboo out of the conversation.

Relationship Realities: addictions

A partner project with AdFam

When couples and families are affected by drug and alcohol misuse, they live with acute worry that puts a strain on their relationships.