What we offer

Reducing parental conflict

Our accessible online resources help parents to understand the impact of their arguments on their children, and learn techniques to communicate better, handle stress, and manage conflict more constructively.

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We offer in-depth evidence-based training covering how to argue better, workforce development training aimed at anybody who works with parents and families, and our train the trainer programme offering a sustainable solution when helping support families and relationships.

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Relationship conversations

This training will strengthen your empathic listening skills, enabling you to identify the support people need and how to offer it in a simple and effective way. It’s not about turning you into a relationship counsellor or an agony aunt, it’s about equipping you with valuable skills to help your staff cope with issues that could be affecting their work life.

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Enhancing workplace relationships

This training builds on OnePlusOne's established Brief Encounters® Skills Training (B.E.S.T.), enhancing confidence and understanding in handling difficult issues. It incorporates up-to-date research evidence to develop relational capability skills applicable in all aspects of life. Professionals who completed the B.E.S.T. training reported a 100% intention to use the acquired techniques for relationship-related conversations with employees or clients.

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Digital resources

Click is a unique online service providing early intervention relationship support. Individuals, couples, families, and professionals can use Click to access helpful, evidence-based support from a secure, mobile-friendly space.

Click relationships

When parents argue, they don’t always see how it affects their children. This collection of videos and animations helps parents see family arguments from their children’s point of view and offers alternative ways of handling disagreements.

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