‘Me, You and Baby Too’ is an evidence-based course for new and expectant parents. 

Having a baby is one of the biggest changes any relationship can go through. New parents are often tired and stressed, which can lead to a breakdown in communication and more arguments.  

Packed with helpful videos and animations, ‘Me, You and Baby Too‘ helps couples navigate the transition to parenthood, and the challenges this can bring.

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This course is available for local licensing as part of our ‘reducing parental conflict’ digital package.

How it can help

This course helps parents learn to communicate better so that they can sort out disagreements and move on together.

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Parents will learn:

  • What babies pick up from their parents, even before they are born. 
  • Why stress should be a shared burden. 
  • How partners can best support each other. 
  • How to talk to bring up difficult topics. 
  • How arguments start, and how to stop them. 

“Becoming a parent is an exciting and daunting time for a couple – their relationship changes as they adjust to their new way of life. New-parent worries and lack of sleep can put a strain on relationships and cause arguments. Undoubtedly Covid-19 has brought additional stressors for families to cope with. Where this additional pressure leads to parental conflict, it is not only harmful to the couple relationship, but their children too. 

“Me, You and Baby Too, designed to help people develop listening skills and understand each other’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours, will help couples navigate through difficult times.” 

Verity Glasgow, co-director at OnePlusOne

How we know it works

Me, You and Baby Too is proven to support couples in the transition to parenthood. Since its initial development in 2019, this evidence-based intervention has been through two testing phases to measure its effectiveness.

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Parental conflict was significantly lower for couples using the course.

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Relationship satisfaction was higher across the transition to parenthood.

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Parents were able to learn new communication and conflict resolution skills, and use them in their everyday lives.

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Practitioners noted that parents had a better relationship with their partner and children.

How MYBT works in practice

A number of local authorities have been using Me, You and Baby Too to support their work with families. You can read a case study about how the programme is being used in one area.

“Parents who have worked through the programme told us that it helped them to realise the impact of conflict on their child. That has to be a good thing. We also noticed that using this digital style of learning particularly suited young and teenage parents for which working from apps is second nature. Where parents have engaged with it, the result has been notable improvements in their relationship and the way their parent their baby.”

Hayley Donnelly, early help and support team leader, Blackburn with Darwen Council

To find out more about licensing our ‘reducing parental conflict’ digital package, please contact info@oneplusone.org.uk.