Celebrating 50 years of OnePlusOne
November 4, 2021

Dr Jack Dominian, leading psychiatrist and Head of Psychological Medicine at the Central Middlesex Hospital, founded OnePlusOne after becoming increasingly concerned about the impact of family breakdown on the physical and mental health of adults and children.  

The charity was launched when a small group of like-minded people each donated £50, creating a centre of expertise in which innovators, researchers, and practitioners could:

  • Identify the common causes of relationship breakdown.
  • Explore the evidence of how to make and maintain resilient relationships.
  • Discover effective ways to offer help early, when it is first needed.

Jack’s pioneering vision filled a gap in the area of relationship support and was always centred on providing accessible, early intervention help, grounded in robust research evidence.

“Our research does not fill books which lie on shelves gathering dust. Every bit becomes the basis for the development of active preventative work.”

Today, OnePlusOne is proud to continue to focus on preventative work by delivering evidence-based, digital resources which support relationships. Combined with our training programmes, which help equip practitioners with the confidence and tools they need to support parents and families, we have extended our reach both nationally and internationally.

To quote Jack when he saw OnePlusOne’s early digital creations:

“This is what I want. I didn’t know I wanted it, but this is it.”

The past 18 months have been a particularly challenging time for many people. Having seen demand for our resources increase by more than 200% over this period, we are delighted to be rolling out our training and digital resources to many local authorities across the country, further extending the number of people we are able to help.  

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