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You and Your Partner: A relationship support app
December 16, 2019

Read what our Director, Penny Mansfield CBE says about the new digital resource for couples transitioning into parenthood.  

‘WhenOnePlusOne began developing digital content to support new parents, BestBeginnings were an obvious partner for the ‘You and Your Partner’ project.  I first came across Best Beginnings when I was a member of theDepartment of Health’s Expert Group on the Healthy Child in 2009 and I have followed the development of their digital tool app Baby Buddy with interest.  I am really pleased with how our innovative partnership has developed. 

My own interest in the transition to parenthood and the impact on parental relationships goes back to a longitudinal study of the first five years of marriage which I undertook forOnePlusOne in the 1980s with the first major publication in 1989.  While a source of joy for most parents, this period is also a challenging time and a source of stress - physical, emotional, and financial.  The research evidence consistently shows that most couples report a rise in disagreements and conflict during parenthood.  The stress associated with the transition to parenthood can result in a decline in relationship quality and increase in relationship conflict. This matters not only to the couple relationship but also the wellbeing of their developing child. 

Our innovative blended approach to providing family support means that we are upskilling FamilySupport Workers to increase their ability to support positive parent relationships while also using the digital resource You and Your Partner so that the progress continues when the Support Worker goes home.  We know that the blended approach of digital and support truly maximises the opportunity for parents to learn the necessary skills to manage the transition to parenthood stresses together and improve their ability to communicate for the benefit of the child(ren).’

Having a baby is wonderful but we also know that facing parenthood or becoming a parent brings with it, new physical and emotional responsibilities. If you feel stressed, tired and anxious, which is common, you are likely to react differently than you would at times when you feel calmer. Moments of tension can explode if we don’t know what steps to take to diffuse them.  

You and Your Partner is a new digital feature on the Baby Buddy App. that has been created by relationship experts, OnePlusOne and the Baby Buddy creators, Best Beginnings. 

You and Your Partner is designed to help you strengthen your relationship with your partner for yours and your baby’s sake. 

A stronger relationship means you will be better equipped to weather the storms that happen in all relationships- particularly at times when you feel tired and stressed. 

You can find the App by searching for Baby Buddy on your usual digital App store.