The last workplace taboo: Personal relationship stress
December 20, 2022

Join members of the OnePlusOne team in this webinar hosted by The Happiness Index.


Webinar details: The last workplace taboo: Personal relationship stress

Date: Wednesday 11 January 2023

Time: 11am-11.45am


Research has shown a strong link between the quality of personal relationships and the productiveness of employees at work. It makes sense for employers to take a keen interest in supporting their staff to maintain that crucial work-life balance.


Members of the OnePlusOne team are joining with Matt Phelan, co-founder and co-CEO of The Happiness Index, to explore how employers can open up conversations about personal relationships and offer the right support to help employees build and maintain healthy relationships, and cope better with challenging times.


Speaking at the event will be:

· Verity Glasgow, CEO of OnePlusOne

· Dr Shannon Hirst, Senior research lead, OnePlusOne

· Clare Murray, OnePlusOne Associate

The topics they will be discussing include:

· The triggers that drive relationship stress.

· The importance of understanding how relationship stress can affect health and work performance.

· What employers can do to help line managers spot signs that an employee might be experiencing relationship stress and equip them to offer support.

· What emotional and practical support is available for employers to offer their workforce, beyond the traditional Employee Assistance Programmes.

· What the latest relationship research tells us about which type of support works best, and why early intervention is so important.

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