The Parents Promise. Supporting co-operative parenting.
May 13, 2021
"Whatever happens in our relationship with each other, we promise to always put your needs first…"

OnePlusOne is proud to support The Parents Promise, a campaign to encourage parents to make a commitment to putting their children’s best interests at the heart of their decision making if they separate.

Launched today, Thursday 13 May, The Parents Promise aims to start a conversation around the impact of parental separation on children and ask parents to think about how they would continue to parent co-operatively should their relationship come to an end.

At OnePlusOne, we've been supporting relationships between parents and their children for over 50 years, with early intervention being the hallmark of our research and innovation work.

Encouraging parents to commit to working co-operatively from the very start of their child’s life creates important foundations for their approach to parenting and their ability to prioritise their child’s needs, whatever the future may hold for their own relationship.

OnePlusOne is part of The Positive Parenting Alliance, a group of over 20 organisations backing this campaign. Co-director Penny Mansfield CBE said:  

“Relationships are complex and not all of them last forever. But while couples may separate, parents will always be parents. The responsibility to parent together well, even when they are apart, is essential for the wellbeing of children – The Parents Promise is a good way to start.  

“Parenting apart is never easy. It is even harder when parents find themselves having to cope with the emotional turmoil of a relationship breakdown and the practical challenges that come with dividing one family life into two. Making a promise to always put their children first can give parents a solid reminder to hold onto should they find themselves dealing with separation.”

In supporting The Parents Promise, OnePlusOne is calling for relationship support to be made accessible to parents early on, helping them to deal with challenging and stressful times together. Equipping parents with strong relational capability and communication skills can help them to reduce harmful conflict while they are together and manage it effectively if they part.

To find out more about The Parents Promise, how to sign it, or to give your support, please visit

To find out more about the resources OnePlusOne can offer to support parental relationships and reduce conflict, please visit the resources section of our website.