This October, stop and ‘See it differently’
October 14, 2020

During the height of the Covid-19 lockdown, we recorded a 200% increase in people looking for relationship advice online. Joining forces with the Good Things Foundation for a second time, we have produced a series of animations and resources designed to help parents recognise and manage conflict in their relationship.

Building on the success of, launched earlier this year, these new animations aim to help parents learn how to talk through difficult situations without them spiralling into harmful, destructive arguments.

After watching the videos, parents can start to see how arguments unfold, and understand the subtle changes that help things go more smoothly. These new animations invite parents to go one step further, overcoming common barriers and taking that first positive step towards better communication in their own relationships. 

Penny Mansfield CBE, co-director of OnePlusOne said:

“Arguing is part of how we explain ourselves, how we work things out with our partners and families. Disagreements are a normal and necessary part of family life. It’s how you argue that matters. 

Covid-19 has constrained home life in so many ways – anxiety, frustration, moodiness and depression are common reactions to the ever-changing constraints on our lives and livelihoods. 

Managing family relationships under these conditions will lead to disagreements and conflict. But if they see their mum and dad argue constructively, children can learn a key life skill – how to manage and resolve disagreements effectively. 

This October, we are showing parents how to see it differently, and how to argue differently.”

Among the top tips for seeing it differently are:

  • Stop. Think about what else might be going on which could be affecting you or your partner’s actions. It may not always be about the subject of your conversation.
  • Stay calm. Take a breath and count to ten. It can be easier to find a solution when you’re feeling calmer.
  • Say how you feel. Don’t wait for people to pick up on hints to work out how you’re feeling. Be clear and speak up for yourself.  

Dr Emma Stone, director of design, research and communications at Good Things Foundation said:

“With many of us spending more time at home, this has put a strain on relationships across the country which is why it is vital that everyone is able to access support online. The materials we launch today have been co-designed with parents who too often experience barriers to finding trusted, accessible information on the internet. At Good Things Foundation, we believe that online support should be available for all - and that's why our Blueprint calls for a Great Digital Catch Up.”

The videos give parents the opportunity to see how their children feel when they hear them arguing and aim to motivate them to change their behaviour, whether they are together or separated.

New animations also reflect on how positive changes can be made, even if people think it wouldn’t work for their family set-up.

To view the full videos and animations, visit After watching the videos, parents looking for more help and advice can also book an online chat with an expert listener. The service is free and completely anonymous.

For those working with families where there is parental conflict, we are also launching a resource pack, offering guidance on how to use the materials to give people the help they need.