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Trustees Week 2021
November 5, 2021

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year we want to take Trustees’ Week as an opportunity to publicly thank all our trustees – past and present – for their commitment to our work.

Relationships are important in all aspects of life. Here at OnePlusOne, they are at the heart of everything we do. Our evidence-based early intervention training and resources exist to help people build and maintain healthy, supportive relationships.

We couldn’t do that without the dedication of our trustees, who support OnePlusOne’s vision of relational capability for all and help us continue working towards that goal.

If you follow us on social media, you’ll have seen that we have been sharing comments from our current trustees all week, explaining why they chose to work with OnePlusOne.  Here’s a selection of what a few of them said:

‘OnePlusOne has continually innovated what it does and how it does it in order to support and strengthen people’s relationships – to the benefit of countless couples, families, children and others. I’m thrilled to chair an organisation that has made such a profound contribution to understanding and improving relational capability.’

Ruth Kennedy, chair of trustees

‘As a family lawyer, I’ve seen what happens when relationships go wrong. Good communication is important for a successful relationship, even after separation as co-parents. I’m delighted to be involved with a charity that supports and equips people with the skills they need to work on relationship issues early on.’ 

Katharine Landells, vice chair of trustees

‘I’m proud to be a trustee of an organisation that values relationships and families no matter their makeup. The last 18 months have demonstrated how central relationships and families are to our wellbeing. The accessible tools OnePlusOne provide are so valuable… critically providing support for people in times of crisis, but importantly also enabling everyone to understand and strengthen their relationships.’ 

Gavin Shaw, trustee 


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