Relationship Realities: addictions

A partner project with AdFam

Who we worked with

We partnered with Adfam, a charity specialising in supporting families experiencing drug and alcohol issues.

Short summary

When couples and families are affected by drug or alcohol misuse, they live with acute worry that puts a strain on their relationships. We worked with these families to create audio diaries that explain the pressures they faced and how they got through it together.

What we achieved

When faced with a loved one who is struggling with an addiction, the caring partner can often feel lonely and may refuse to tell others what they are going through. 95% of the people we surveyed said that their partner or loved one’s drug or alcohol misuse affected the relationship, and 51% said that intimacy was impacted. When lots of energy is spent helping the addicted partner, there is not be much left for anything else. The audio collection of short stories demonstrates that families are not alone and provides practical advice from people with lived experience. Listen to the collection here.