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‘Getting on Better Cards’ are pocket-sized cards that offer evidence-based relationship insights

The cards are designed to be shared with parents to encourage them to think about their relationships, offering advice on how they can improve communication and reduce conflict. Parents can use the cards together or on their own and do not require any professional guidance.

These videos, created by Anton and Scarlett, a couple who have used the cards provided to them by Brighton and Hove City Council, demonstrate how they have helped their relationship.

Watch Anton and Scarlett talk about how the cards have helped their relationship:

Watch Anton and Scarlett talk about how they used one the cards:

“What’s included in the pack?”

The pack contains six cards for couples and two for separated parents. For separated parents, the cards are designed to help them think about how their behaviour impacts their children. For couples, the cards address issues such as relationship stages and how they change over time, how arguments start and how to keep them under control, conflict styles and communication.

“Can we buy these for our local authority?”

If you wish to purchase the cards for use in your local authority area, they can be branded with your local authority logo and shared digitally or handed out to parents as printed cards. For further information, please contact us at info@oneplusone.org.uk.